newly installed attic insulation

Home insulation helps to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. In order to reap the numerous benefits of home insulation, you must insulate it properly from its roof down to the foundation.

Most parts of your homes and other establishments need insulation. Among these areas include:

  • Unfinished attic spaces
  • Joist space
  • Band joists
  • Floors above cold spaces
  • Replacement or storm windows

Insulating these areas prevents outside temperatures from entering due to conduction, radiation, convection, air movement, and evaporation.

Reasons for Home Insulation

Below are the key benefits of home insulation:

Increased Energy Efficiency and Reduced Energy Bills

Energy efficiency is now more important than ever. Insulating your home will help to tremendously cut your energy bills, during both the winter and summer, as insulation not only helps keep heat in during colder months, but also helps to keep heat out during warmer weather.

Sound Insulation

Many homeowners want quiet, peaceful homes. No one wants a home through which outside noise like traffic, neighbors' quarrels or music, and sirens penetrates.

The evolving homeowners' needs are making sound control and insulation an imperative issue. Builders are insulating homes especially in noisier urban regions specifically for this reason.

Improved Health

Health-conscious homeowners understand that their homes can promote their health and wellness or weaken it. Thus, they are turning to home insulation to ward off allergies and airborne diseases.

Also, prospective home buyers want an assurance that their new homes were built with safe products and are insulated to keep chemicals, allergens, and pollutants out.

Why Should You Protect Your Home's Insulation?

Protecting your home's insulation will help you relish its numerous advantages for an extended period without breaking the bank. However, without proper protection, your home’s insulation can easily be damaged by squirrels and other critters. By gaining access through power lines, trees, and utility poles, squirrels and other wildlife can chew through your roof, enter your attic, and damage your insulation.

Fortunately, at Critter Guard, we specialize in protecting power lines, transformers, and homes from critters. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are excellent for keeping squirrels and other animals away from your roof and insulation. To learn more about our humane wildlife control products, contact us today!