The Importance of Utility Pole Protection for Utility Companies

If your utility company experiences regular power outages caused by critters climbing up your utility poles and across power lines and interfering with transformers, our team at Critter Guard has a solution for you. Our utility Pole Guard protection solutions reduce the frequency and cost of animal-related power outages. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of protecting and preserving your utility poles.

What Does Power Pole Protection Entail?

Often, power outages result from critters such as squirrels and other rodents interfering with electrical systems and damaging utility poles. Fortunately, our Pole Guard products at Critter Guard are designed to prevent these critters from accessing these electrical systems altogether. The plate is made from formulated resin to withstand harsh weather conditions. It prevents critters from scaling up utility poles and across power lines. You can use our Pole Guard products on all types of power distribution poles, including those made from steel or concrete.

Benefits of Pole Guard Installation

Replacing a damaged utility pole can cost up to $1,500, and that doesn't include the cost of outages. Pole Guard installation reduces replacement and maintenance costs. It also improves the reliability and safety of your transmission network. Since our Pole Guards are made from heavy-duty material, they are resistant to oxidation and weather-related stress cracking. They can also be easily removed and relocated whenever adjustments need to be made.

Many jurisdictions have implemented wood preservation legislation. Achieving your environmental targets starts with enhancing the lifespan of your wooden transmission poles. Installing Pole Guards on your utility poles can help you meet your environmental targets by reducing the need to replace damaged poles.

Furthermore, replacing wooden utility poles frequently is expensive, which is why many utility companies use steel, concrete, and fiberglass poles as an alternative since they have a longer lifespan than wood. Even so, these poles are still susceptible to critters. Installing Pole Guards creates a barrier that keeps critters at bay.

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