The Role of Transformer Protection in Ensuring Uninterrupted Service for Cable and Telecom Companies

The Role of Transformer Protection in Ensuring Uninterrupted Service for Cable and Telecom Companies

Transformers serve a critical role in cable and telephone infrastructure - a value that cannot be understated. Efficient, long-range transmission means transformers are relied upon to step voltage up and down.

This crucial, sensitive process helps transfer power across long distances at high voltages while delivering safer electricity directly to customers. Without transformers functioning predictably, power failures and safety issues quickly become major problems.

Understanding the Vulnerabilities

Transformers are susceptible to catastrophic issues compared to other components of long-range electrical transmission. The amount of energy stepped up or down tends to be massive, and even seemingly minor problems can quickly cascade into a dangerous arcing incident.

These flashes of exposed, ungrounded electricity look and often sound explosive, and can be dangerous for people nearby.

External factors that are commonly known to impact transformer functionality are:

  • Weather, such as high winds that bridge formerly grounded electricity with other components.
  • Aging infrastructure, which can show signs of sparking as insulation and other components fail over time.
  • Animals, especially squirrels, which are behind only weather as a leading cause of power outages.

The Direct Impact of Transformer Protection

Transformer outages lead to localized cable and telephone service outages. Power is routed away from the areas downstream from the damaged transformer.

Properly protecting transformers from wildlife damage in particular increases the lifespan of transformers, and can help businesses improve the following:

  • Customer satisfaction improves over time thanks to reduced service outages.
  • The initial investment of wildlife protective equipment is mitigated by lowering the frequency of repairs from catastrophic damage.
  • Regulators appreciate wildlife mitigation systems, and in some cases tax incentives may be available for businesses.

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