The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Chimney Swifts from Invading Your Chimney

The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Chimney Swifts from Invading Your Chimney

Chimney swifts are small brown or gray birds that are distinguishable for their short legs, distinct calls, and slender wings. This species of birds prefers to build nests in chimneys. Their primary nesting grounds are in hollow trees, but the destruction of forests has caused them to migrate to chimneys in urban and suburban areas.

Chimney swifts are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, making it illegal to remove or destroy their nests from your chimney. Therefore, preventative measures are your best defense against chimney swifts. Keep reading to discover a few methods you can use to prevent chimney swifts from invading your chimney.

Installing a Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are metal or wire mesh screens that can be installed to cover the top of your chimney. This prevents chimney swifts from entering your chimney.

Regularly Cleaning Your Chimney

Cleaning your chimney on a regular basis is the best way to deter pests from invading it. Dirty chimneys with debris and dirt attract chimney swifts, as the debris can be used for their nests. Cleaning your chimney prevents them from nesting.

Chimney Inspection

An inspection of your chimney can help you identify any damage and repair it before the problem escalates. Evaluating your chimney's condition is vital to prevent swifts from making it an annual nesting ground.

Install Critter Guard’s BirdBloc

Installing Critter Guard's BirdBloc is another excellent method for deterring chimney swifts and birds in general. Birds have an extraordinary sense of smell, and BirdBloc capitalizes on that characteristic. Any bird that smells the product will move away from your roof and chimney.

Deter Birds with Critter Guard

At Critter Guard, our BirdBloc product is designed to repel birds from nesting and roosting on or near your property. BirdBloc is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution to your chimney swift problem.

To learn more about our BirdBloc product and how it can help prevent chimney swifts from invading your chimney, please don't hesitate to contact us today!