Three Tips to Keep Your Team Safe Around Overhead Electrical Lines

crew working on power pole and power lines

Overhead electrical lines can carry up to 700,000 volts, but it only takes a couple hundred volts for overhead lines to be deadly. According to the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (ELCOSH), electrocutions are the fourth leading cause of death among construction workers in the US, and an average of 143 construction workers are killed each year by contact with electricity. Overhead electrical line safety needs to be made a priority for any home or business owner. Take caution with these three tips to keep your team and loved ones safe when dealing with overhead electrical lines.

  • Be aware! Simply being mindful of your surroundings can decrease the likelihood of a dangerous accident. Workers and homeowners should make locating power lines a priority, especially when using equipment like ladders and pruning poles.
  • Keep your distance! The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that all equipment be kept at least 10 feet away from most power lines. The recommended distance could be even greater based on the voltage of the electrical line. Keeping a safe distance from the deadly voltage of overhead electrical lines prevents equipment operators and workers from getting injured or worse.
  • Don't make assumptions! Many overhead electrical lines may appear to be insulated, but often that is not the case. Some power lines are protected from extreme weather conditions by a covering, but you should not assume this protective covering is rated to protect the body from electrical shock.

Overhead electrical line safety should be a top priority for all business managers and home owners alike. Maintaining a safe and electrocution-free workplace can be accomplished by sharing these three easy tips with your team and neighbors. Critter Guard’s Line Guards and Pole Guards will keep squirrels and other rodents at bay, but be sure to install them safely. To learn more about overhead electrical line solutions, please contact us!