Tips to Keep Migratory Birds Away from Your Property

The sights and sounds of spring are welcomed by many, but as the warm weather returns, so do the migratory birds. Canada geese, ring-billed gulls, herring gulls, and many more species are eager to return to their nesting grounds this time of year. While their arrival is exciting for bird watchers, it also brings challenges for property owners. Without proper management, the influx of migratory birds can lead to unwanted nesting activities, posing significant issues for property maintenance.

Understanding Spring Behavior of Migratory Birds

During spring, migratory birds return from their wintering grounds to establish nests, mate, and lay eggs. This natural behavior is essential for their survival. However, it can become a problem for property owners when birds choose undesirable nest locations, such as rooftops, chimneys, or near businesses. Their presence can lead to noise disturbances, unsightly messes, potential property damage, and even power outages.

Tips to Keep Birds Away From Your Property

Implementing bird control measures before they return is crucial because disturbing or removing nests is legally challenging due to state and federal laws protecting migratory birds.

  • Remove food sources - Certain plants and trees are more attractive to birds. Birds will also congregate in areas with chicken feed or other animal feed. Make this inaccessible to birds.
  • Vent covers - Birds will enter buildings through any opening, so a physical barrier to prevent entry will help keep them out of your physical structures.
  • Deterrents - Different deterrents are marketed, but BirdBloc is a safe, easy-to-install deterrent that repels birds by its scent. You can safeguard your property and equipment, preventing potential messes and damages.

Prevent Bird Damage with BirdBloc

Don't wait until nests are established - act now to protect your property and prevent power outages. Visit our website to learn more about BirdBloc and other product systems that can help secure your property and ensure an uninterrupted power supply. Don't let migratory birds disrupt your spring - contact us to take control today!