squirrel on fence post

A rodent infestation in your home can not only cause an unexpected scare, they can also cause extensive damage. Most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by pests such as rats and squirrels. Since many of these pests can find their way into your home via above-ground cables, having rodent control products that will protect your home both at ground-level and above-ground is essential. Check out these three best rodent control products currently on the market.

1. Ultrasonic Pest Repellents

Ultrasonic pest repellents deter pests by emitting short-wavelength and high-frequency sound waves that are too high for humans to hear. They are best used to prevent rodents from targeting your home.

2. Line Guard

Critter Guard’s Line Guard is a great option for humanely controlling rodents and squirrels from using overhead electric lines or cabling to access your roof or attic. The Line Guard is designed to be installed by qualified utility contractors or similar tradesmen. The Line Guard has five rollers and two jump-barriers that rotate independently about the line when a pest comes in contact.

3. Pole Guard

Critter Guard’s Pole Guard is the best rodent control solution to deter pests from climbing poles or trees near your home. The Pole Guard is a circular plate with seven rollers installed around poles or trees that will frustrate rodents and other pests when trying to climb. Critter Guard's Pole Guard is a humane way to stop rodents at the ground level.

Critter Guard's Products are Effective for Rodent Control

At Critter Guard, our products are effective for preventing squirrels and other rodents from gaining access to your roof and into your attic. The combination of our Pole Guard and Line Guard products will protect your home both from below and above. This all-around coverage is why many homeowners and utility companies install our products. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are humane rodent control options, doing away with the need for trapping or chemicals. To learn more about how our products can stop rodents from entering and causing damage to your home, contact us today!