squirrel outside unable to get into house

Squirrels survive winter's cold temperatures much like humans. While they do not hibernate, they tend to stay in their dens as much as possible, keeping each other warm by huddling together. Their winter "coats" are extra layers of fat they put on before a hard freeze.

In autumn, squirrels scurry around finding food, eating practically anything. They also gather food to eat in winter when food is difficult to find. They stash seeds, nuts, flower bulbs and roots in shallow holes and cover them up. They are year round munchers because their four front teeth grow continually and need to be filed down. While they are usually seen munching on twigs, branches, and tree trunks, they can sometimes find their way on your house and decide to munch through your roof!

An Unwelcome Visitor

Squirrels' nests, used year-round, look like haphazard clumps of leaves but they are actually fairly complex. They have several layers of different materials and make their nests where they will have built-in support, such as between tree branches and in tree cavities - or in your house. They can quickly gain access to your house by running across power lines, chew through your roof, and settle in for the winter in your warm attic. Once inside, they will construct their nests. Chewing through your wood and wires is easier than braving the weather to chew on a tree trunk.

Your risks of harboring squirrels in your attic include chewed electrical wires that can be fire hazards and potentially cause power outages, the nuisance of their noises, and the health dangers of their droppings.

Keep Squirrels Out This Winter with Critter Guard

It is much easier to prevent squirrels from entering your home than it is to evict them once they’ve already moved in.

At Critter Guard, our Line Guard and Pole Guard systems are specifically designed to keep squirrels off of your roof by preventing their access through utility poles and power lines, without harming the squirrels in the process. To learn more about our products and how they can keep your roof and power protected this winter, contact us today!