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Our power line pole guard helps to deter squirrels from gaining access to overhead lines and subsequently causing electricity outages. This specific package includes two plate halves, four zinc nails, four locking pins, twelve stainless-steel ties, four clamps, seven rollers, and the installation instructions. If you are installing on a pole less than 11” in diameter, a 38” flex tubing and coupling is required and should be ordered at an additional cost. Together the pole guard pieces are packed in a heavy-duty plastic bag and shipped in a cardboard box.

The two plate halves are what will go around your power line pole. The plate halves, along with the other products included in the Pole Guard 1 Pack, will block squirrels from crawling up the pole in the first place, which in return keeps critters off your power line. From there, the seven rollers attached to the plate halves will make it difficult for the critters to get on the other side of the plates and cause electrical damage to your power lines.

Our power line pole guard pack is great for consumers who are looking to install on one power pole. If you have multiple poles, we recommend buying multiples of this particular package. We also offer the option of supporting poles made of steel, concrete, or fiberglass. If you have a steel, concrete, or fiberglass pole, there is an additional cost for the mounting system, which includes steel tensioning bands and large L-Brackets.

Critter Guard is always looking for new and innovative ways to deter critters, squirrels, and all animals. Through our Pole Guard and our Line Guard, we have been able to do just that. By protecting your power line poles, you will in return limit access to the power lines from critters who cause power outages.

Our Pole Guard Package is not only good for power poles, but it can also be used around various other types of 10 to 12-inch diameter poles and even on select trees as well. This process works in the same way as the Pole Guard plate halves connect around the tree trunk. From there, the seven rollers are attached to the two halves to create a barrier against squirrels. Just beware that the tree will continue to grow (and expand) and you will need to remove Pole Guard from the tree when the tree gets that large.

Critter Guard also offers custom manufacturing service for specific geometry poles (such as rectangular or hexagon geometries). If you have any other questions regarding our Pole Guard package, please feel free to check out our page with all of the specifics about Pole Guard or contact us at sales@critterguard.org.

For wooden power pole applications, Critter Guard recommends this product be installed by qualified power line technicians. This is not absolutely required but is good practice. It is not required to de-power the line. Assure the pole is in good condition. Position the Pole Guard assembly approximately 8 - 12 feet above ground level, or above the lowest point where a “critter” could jump onto the pole. Assure location and height of installation is clear of any objects a critter could use to swing from or grab (i.e., conduits, anchors, spikes).

Installation defects are specifically not covered under the company warranty and are the responsibility of the installer. The company’s liability for any damaged or defective product is limited to the value of the product sale only. No consequential or incidental claims will be accepted, including claims of improper installation or damage caused by improper installation. If in doubt, contact a qualified power line technician.

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Pole Guard 1 Pack

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