3 Ways to Keep Birds Away from Your Business

There are billions of birds on earth, and while these creatures can be fascinating to watch and photograph, they can wreak havoc on your business. In fact, it's estimated that birds cause between $30-50 million worth of damage to warehouses and other industrial buildings annually. A bird infestation can cause issues in several ways. These problems can include:

  • Roof damage or collapse from droppings
  • Clogged gutters from nesting
  • Risk of fire when nests are built near wires or in machinery
  • Ventilation system or chimney damage from nests blocking airflow
  • Spreading diseases from their droppings

Due to the extensive damage birds can cause, it is important to install preventative measures to keep birds out and away from your business. Keep reading to discover a few common bird deterrent solutions.

1. Chemical Repellents

One way business owners try to solve their bird problem is by using chemical bird repellents. While these chemicals assist in getting rid of the birds, they aren't usually the best choice. These repellents not only harm the environment and the birds, but they can also harm you and anyone else exposed to them. Additionally, some breeds of birds are protected under local laws making it illegal to use certain chemicals.

2. Sonic Deterrents

Ultrasonic devices are another common product used to deter birds. These emit a high-pitched frequency sound meant to keep unwanted animals away. Although sonic deterrents are much safer than chemicals, they are not the most effective for birds, as birds can’t always hear the sounds emitted.

3. Critter Guard’s BirdBloc

Birds have an advanced sense of smell, making them especially sensitive to odors. Due to this fact, Critter Guard has now begun offering our BirdBloc solution. BirdBloc emits an odor that birds do not like, with the scent lasting 3-4 months. Furthermore, the aroma won't harm birds or humans, but will make the birds uneasy, discouraging them from making your building their home. This makes BirdBloc the perfect solution for repelling birds.

At Critter Guard, we care about your business and can help you with even the most complex pest problems. For over twenty years, we've focused on offering wildlife control solutions that are both humane and effective. To learn more about our BirdBloc product, contact us today!