4 Common Portable Generator Myths Debunked

Portable generators provide comfort, safety, and peace of mind knowing you have a power source even when the electricity goes out. However, while these devices deliver power to your home or business, they can also be dangerous, especially if proper safety precautions are not followed. To ensure proper generator use, check out these four common portable generator myths to stop believing today!

Myth 1: Running a Generator in an Indoor Area is Fine

One dangerous myth is that it is okay to run a generator indoors. On the contrary, it can be perilous to run your generator in a detached garage or any enclosed area. Most generators emit exhaust gases that can accumulate and creep into your home, exposing you and your family to carbon monoxide poisoning. To ensure your safety, always run your generator outside your home, away from doors and windows.

Myth 2: Generators Don't Require Regular Maintenance

All machines and other electrical equipment require regular maintenance. There's no shortcut around that. Neglecting your generator after installation is a surefire way of having it fail sooner than you think. A little maintenance will keep your generator up and running for as long as possible. For the more technical preventative maintenance, a professional technician should be called.

Myth 3: Plugging a Generator into an Electrical Outlet is Okay

You should NOT connect your portable generator to an electrical outlet. This is called backfeeding. Backfeeding is a dangerous and illegal process that sends power back into your electrical system. Backfeeding can cause a fire and even electrocute utility workers fixing power lines outside.

Myth 4: All Generator Fuel Types Function the Same

Many modern portable generators are powered by different types of fuels, ranging from diesel and gasoline to propane and biofuels. It is vital to consider the fuel type when purchasing a generator, as not all fuel types function the same in every environment. In addition, some fuel types may be easier to obtain than others depending on your location.

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