4 Issues Possums in the Home Can Cause

Possums are pests that can be found around the world. When they take up residence in your home, they can quickly cause serious property damage and increase your and your family's exposure to diseases. If you see signs that possums are near your home, we recommend taking immediate steps to remove the possums and prevent them from coming back. Some of the most common issues possums can cause include:

1. Diseases Via Direct Contact or Contact with Feces

Possums are wild animals, and they are dangerous to interact with. Aggressive possums may scratch or bite both people and pets. They also carry dangerous diseases, including tularaemia. Tularaemia is a bacterial disease that is carried by ringtail possums and other pests. They can also spread bacteria that causes Buruli ulcers through their droppings.

2. Insulation and Ductwork Damage

Once possums get inside your home, they can easily cause damage walking along your attic and ceilings. Look for compressed ductwork and insulation batting. Possum feces and nests will further damage your insulation and the best course of action will be to remove and replace it.

3. Damage to Your Home's Exterior Siding

Possums prefer to climb into structures that provide shelter. On the way to your home's attic or roof eaves, their claws can scratch through siding, soffits, and even roof shingles. Sometimes possums will even damage your gutters if they step on them or push them aside to get through weak points in your roof's edge.

4. Damage to Your Garden

Possums will wreck your garden as readily as your home. They eat plants, pasture grass, bark, and fruit. As a result, your landscaping may be damaged and some plants may be compromised or even destroyed.

Keep Possums Out with Critter Guard

When you have possums nesting in your home or simply trespassing on your property, they bring a significant risk of disease and damage with them. Make your property less accessible to possums and other pests with convenient, humane solutions from Critter Guard. Visit us online to learn more about our wildlife control solutions.