5 Ways Squirrels Can Get Into Your Attic

If able to get onto your roof, squirrels can quickly find their way into your attic. Squirrels in your attic are not only annoying, but they can also cause serious damage to your insulation and electrical wires. Keep reading to discover how squirrels can get into your attic and the preventative measures you can take to prevent squirrel infestation.

How Squirrels Get Into Attics

There are various pathways that squirrels can use to get into your attic, including:

1. Roof Vents

The heat escaping from your roof vents is an invitation for squirrels to come cozy up in your attic. Uncovered roof vents or those covered by materials such as plastic, wood, or aluminum covers are easy targets for squirrels, as they can easily chew through the covers and get into the attic.

2. Roof Edge

Roof edges serve as an excellent way for squirrels to enter your attic. Materials under the roof edges tend to degrade faster, (as this is often where snow and rain build up), softening the structure and making it easier for squirrels to chew their route through into the attic.

3. Wall Vents

Wall openings extending to the house exterior often resemble a tree cavity and can create favorable conditions for squirrels to enter your home or attic and build a nest. Not only does this make for unsanitary conditions, it can also create a fire hazard.

4. Gable Vents

Gable vents offer ventilation for your attic and roof and are often made from wooden materials. Since the openings of a gable are partial and materials easily chewable, squirrels can easily chew the wood and find a way of getting into the attic.

5. Chimney

Chimneys, ventilation for emitting smoke from the house or kitchen area, offer clear passages for squirrels to enter the attic.

Keep Squirrels Out of Your Attic With Critter Guard

Squirrels can easily run along utility poles and power lines near your house and use them as an entry point to your roof and attic.

Fortunately, Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard products are designed to prevent squirrels from using power lines and utility poles to gain access to your roof and attic. To learn more about our Line Guard and Pole Guard solutions and how they can help prevent squirrels from taking up residence in your attic, contact us today!