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As pest control professionals, your company is probably already armed with an arsenal of pest control devices. However, there's always room for more as pests become more pervasive, wilier, and harder to control. Check out these nine essential tools you'll want to think about adding to your pest control company’s arsenal.

1. Inspection Mirror

A telescoping inspection mirror lets you see into hidden spaces like deep crevices, behind pipes, and other hard to reach areas. Even if you don't see the pests themselves, you're likely to spot the evidence they leave behind!

2. LED Flashlight

A powerful LED flashlight can reach into those dark corners and hard to reach areas while looking for signs of critters.

3. Infrared Temperature Sensor

An infrared temperature sensor can help you pinpoint points of entry, sources of water, and even hidden nests swarming with pests.

4. Night Vision Cameras

These motion-activated cameras can confirm the presence of pests like squirrels, bats, and rodents in your customer's attic or garage.

5. Rodent Traps

Good quality rodent traps baited with a tempting food like peanut butter are still one of the best ways to catch disease-spreading mice and rats.

6. Live Animal Traps

Many areas have laws protecting animals like stray cats, squirrels, possums, raccoons, and other critters that too frequently end up in an unsuspecting homeowner's attic or crawl space. Live traps are essential tools for removing and 'rehoming' these nuisance animals.

7. Ultrasonic Pest Repellents

These devices emit short-wavelength, high-frequency sound waves that help keep rodents and certain other pesky critters from making themselves at home on your customer's property.

8. Vacuum With HEPA Filtration

Removing the pests, as well as the evidence of their filthy living conditions, will endear you to your customers. That kind of word-of-mouth advertising from delighted customers is priceless!

9. Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard

Keep rodent infestations from reoccurring with our brilliantly innovative Line Guard and Pole Guard products. Our Line Guard features five independently spinning rollers as well as two free-spinning wheels that act as jump barriers. Our durable Pole Guard prevents animals like squirrels and opossums from climbing utility poles and trees. Together, these two products are very effective at keeping pests from using power lines and poles to access your customer's home. For more information on how our humane products can help your pest control efforts, contact us today!