Benefits & Drawbacks of Pole-Mounted Transformers

Distribution transformers convert high voltage from power plants to a lower voltage to distribute to businesses and homeowners. There are various types of distribution transformers; one type is the pole-mounted transformer. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of pole-mounted transformers and how Critter Guard’s wildlife control products can help protect your pole-mounted transformers from critters and other wild animals.

What is a Pole-Mounted Transformer?

Pole-mounted transformers are electric utility distribution transformers fixed on a wooden or concrete electrical service pole at the level of the overhead wires. They are the standard breadbox transformers that convert distribution voltage to the 120/240-volt electricity utilized in households and low-volume business installations in rural areas.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Pole-Mounted Transformers


  • Reduced injury risks: Residents are less likely to be injured by pole-mounted transformers. Pole-mounted transformers are kept out of reach from children and are isolated from many potential igniting sources.
  • Increased supply: Pole-mounted transformer offer increased power supply, as they achieve easier distribution through the installation of necessary power lines.
  • Space saving: Pole-mounted transformers are small and do not take up valuable ground space.


  • Pole-mounted transformers may be more challenging to maintain. Since they are not easily accessible. when damage occurs or maintenance is required, specific electrical companies are needed to reach the transformer on the pole and conduct the necessary repairs. This can lead to further expenses.
  • Pole-mounted transformers may need replacement sooner than ground transformers. These transformers are in close contact with harsh weather elements since they are placed high above the ground, leading to more rapid wear and tear than ground-based transformers. They are also vulnerable to damage from wild animals like birds, squirrels, and other climbing animals, which can lead to power outages.

Protecting Pole-Mounted Transformers with Critter Guard

At Critter Guard, we recognize the risks that wildlife can pose to pole-mounted transformers. Fortunately, our Pole Guard, Line Guard, and Bird Bloc products are designed to help protect pole-mounted transformers from critters such as birds, squirrels, snakes, and more that may cause power outages if able to access these transformers. To learn more about our wildlife control products and how they can protect critical electrical equipment, contact us today!