How to Keep Geese and Ducks Away from Your Property

For many outdoor enthusiasts, the colder months mean that it's harder to spot wild animals. However, one constant, especially in rural areas, is ducks and geese. Ducks and geese can gather in large flocks and cause a considerable amount of noise and mess, including damage to buildings or unsanitary piles of droppings. In fall and winter, these birds are even more apt to band together. Fortunately, there are ways to safeguard your property from the effects of ducks and geese, with a few simple preparations.

1. Keep Your Property Clean and Tidy

To keep ducks, geese, and other birds at bay, keep your land neat and tidy. While this can be a struggle in the fall and winter, when cold temperatures often keep property owners indoors, taking a few minutes each week to pick up debris, large sticks, or trash that might have blown into your yard will keep the area from looking attractive to nesting birds.

2. Use Automatic Sprinklers

Automatic sprinklers are a deterrent to geese and ducks. If you opt to invest in motion-activated sprinklers, you'll enjoy even more peace of mind, since they can detect when birds land in the yard and react by sending up sprays of water to drive them away.

3. Use Critter Guard's BirdBloc Product

Critter Guard's BirdBloc product is the best way to keep geese, ducks, and other birds from gathering in or around your property, with a long-lasting repelling smell that drives them away immediately. The scent will linger wherever BirdBloc is deployed, ensuring that you can feel confident in your property's protection from nuisance birds.

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