How to Deal with Federally Protected Nuisance Birds

When you have problems with birds, it's important to start by figuring out what kind of bird you're dealing with and then look up the rules about how to treat them. If you employ wildlife control methods that might hurt or bother these birds, you could be breaking the law. The long-term impact of capturing or harming migratory birds can be ecologically devastating.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), enacted in 1918, was established to safeguard numerous migratory bird species valued as a food source or for their role in controlling harmful insects. The primary objective of the MBTA is to extend protection to specific bird species based on their migratory behavior rather than their population size. This federal legislation safeguards hundreds of bird species, including Canada Geese, swallows, chimney swifts, woodpeckers, and gulls.

You cannot hunt, trap, or kill migratory birds unless issued a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit. Only three nuisance bird species are not federally protected: Feral pigeons, European starlings, and House sparrows.

How Can I Protect My Property From Nuisance Birds?

Pest birds can pose a significant nuisance and financial burden to property owners. Some may resort to lethal methods to eliminate bird-related problems, unaware that such actions can violate both state and federal laws. These laws are in place to safeguard migratory birds from harm, and those who violate them may incur substantial fines.

Property owners may, under certain circumstances, obtain a permit for bird removal if the birds in question are causing destruction, posing health risks, or simply proving to be a nuisance. In other situations, experienced pest control professionals can employ humane methods to deter birds without causing harm. The laws protecting migratory birds are intricate and should be taken seriously. Professionals, like Critter Guard, can provide environmentally-conscious solutions for managing protected birds.

Prevent Nuisance Birds with BirdBloc

At Critter Guard, our BirdBloc product is designed to deter birds from nesting and roosting on or near your property, preventing the problem before it starts. You can easily hang BirdBloc from supports, tree branches, joists, rafters, or most overhead equipment. It offers a more convenient and cost-effective solution than covering each vulnerable area individually. To discover more about BirdBloc and how it effectively keeps nuisance birds away from your property, contact us today!