multiple fiber optic cables for communication lines

Chances are you already know some of the basics about fiber optics: cables made of strands of glass or plastic thinner than a human hair. Information traveling on beams of light ten times faster than with traditional copper wiring. Incredible bandwidth over long distances without interference. While it may sound like science fiction fantasy, fiber optics has quickly become the backbone of the telecommunications world.

Why Fiber Optics


Optical cable costs up to 85% less to install than copper wiring, uses much less power to transmit your data, and has a much higher carrying capacity than traditional wired communications. That extra bandwidth allows speeds up to ten times faster than with traditional wiring. All of this works together to save your TV and internet providers money. More importantly, it saves you money!


Light can travel much further than electricity without the need for as many repeaters boosting the signal. Combine this with zero crosstalk or interference from outside power sources and between the cables themselves, and you get a much stronger signal. This makes for crystal clear communication, whether over the phone or on the internet.


Since no electricity is passed through the optical cables, there is no potential fire hazard. Optical cable is also lightweight compared to traditional wiring, meaning less stress is put on the infrastructure required to carry your information.

Safeguard with Critter Guard

Whether it's our forms of entertainment, our social media lives, or our business and banking, we cannot deny that we live in a digital world and fiber optics is the foundation upon which it is built. Keeping these lines protected and functioning properly is essential to our day to day lives.

In 2011, one company found that squirrels were responsible for up to 28% of their damaged fiber optic lines before they added cable guards to their plant. At Critter Guard, our Line Guard and Pole Guard systems are designed to protect communications lines and utility poles by preventing squirrels from gaining access and causing disruption. To learn more about Critter Guard and how our products can keep your digital world up and running, contact us today!