triplex overhead cables protected from wildlife intervention

The various types of cables found across substations and power lines are diversified. One of the most common but critical types of cable is the Triplex overhead cable that is essential to carrying power but often left vulnerable for damage. Fortunately, Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard products are designed to help keep these cables protected.

What Are Triplex Overhead Cables?

Triplex cables and wires refer to an overhead cable that is found twined around a single cable made from either steel or aluminum. These cables are always found overhead and house a significant amount of power through them. They are designed to be either a secondary or main distributor of power, depending on where they are placed in the circuit.

Where Are These Cables Found?

With the power volume carried through these Triplex overhead cables, they are often found around the transformers on the overhead and around the service entrance of a location. Homes, utility companies, and commercial buildings have these located nearby. Because of their size and placement, they can act as a distributor between the source of power and transformer, or a medium between two poles overhead.

Keeping Cables Protected

With Triplex overhead cables, they need to be protected from outdoor elements and animals utilizing the power lines as a playground. Any damage to this cable can cause a significant power outage and require a long restoration process to get the power restored.

At Critter Guard, we offer a Line Guard that is designed to fit specifically over your Triplex overhead cables with the openings cut back enough to allow rotational ease of the cables. Our Line Guard provides protection from weather damage and also pecky wildlife climbing onto the lines and causing significant damage. If you have one or more Triplex overhead cables that could use proper coverage, contact us today for more information about our Line Guard and the protection that it serves.