Power Line Guards for Triplex Power Line Protection 

What is Triplex?

If you have an overhead service cable that has more than one conductor, you likely have what the power companies call Triplex. Triplex is a very common, and very reliable, type of cabling that uses two “hot” wires (which are insulated and/or weather protected in a black coating) twisted around a bare wire that is typically ACSR (aluminum conductor steel reinforced). The bare conductor is primarily used to provide strength and support to the overall cable bundle. 

Types of Triplex Cable Bundles

There are multiple types of cable bundles similar in configuration to Triplex, including Duplex cables and Quadruplex cables. Duplex cable or Quadruplex cables can be used, depending on the electrical service requirements of your home or building.

Duplex cables consist of two electrical service strands of insulated metallic conductors. These strands are typically twisted together, typically in a rope style.

Quadruplex cables consist of four stranded, compressed aluminum conductors that are bundled together without a jacket.

Typical examples of a Duplex, Triplex, or Quad overhead service cable resemble the following graphic.

diagram of types of power line cables showing duplex, triplex, and quadruplex

How Critter Guard’s Power Line Guards Work on Triplex Overhead Cables

Common questions from Critter Guard users are “will Line Guard fit over this power line bundle” or “will Critter Guard work on triplex cables?"

The answer is usually, YES! If you have this type of overhead cable near your home, utility company, telecom company, or commercial building, Critter Guard’s power Line Guards will fit properly around and on your Triplex overhead cable and wire. However, you may have to make some modifications to the rollers supplied with your Line Guard kit prior to installation. Completing these modifications are described in the Line Guard Installation Instructions.

Line Guard rollers, when assembled, have a 1-inch diameter opening on each end. So, any cable, conductor, wire, or even cable bundle (such as Triplex) that is less than 1 inch will support a Line Guard installation by default. Please note, for Line Guard to be effective, the rollers must spin freely after installation, so if it’s going to be a tight fit and the rollers don’t spin, Line Guard will not work!

The challenge with many versions of Triplex (and there are many versions of it) is that the resulting bundle of two hot wires and an ACSR support wire twisted together like a rope can be larger than 1 inch. Depending on the rating of the individual conductors in the Triplex, the overall diameter of the Triplex may be 1.5 inches or more. When the triplex bundle is larger than one inch or does not spin freely, the opening of the line guard rollers will need to be modified, which can be seen in our Line Guard Installation Instructions video

Another factor that must be addressed is the amount of twist the Triplex has. If the two conductors and ACSR support cable are twisted tightly together, the resulting diameter will be smaller. However, if the individual conductors have relaxed over time, the resulting diameter will be larger.

Line Guard Modification Options for Triplex Cables

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