4 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Winter Power Outages

Winter seasons, characterized by heavy snowfalls, ice, and strong winds, can damage power lines, leading to long-lasting power outages. Grid outages are challenging to cope with as they affect business operations and cripple home activities. Winter power outages can also result from wildlife such as squirrels interfering with electrical systems. That's why installing Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard are among the few preventive steps you can take as the winter season approaches.

Early preparation prevents power outages from becoming an emergency in your business. Keep reading to discover a few tips to help your business stay prepared for winter outages.

1. Protect Your Critical Equipment

Power surges during and after a power loss can be damaging to your electronics. You wouldn't want to incur these extra costs for repairs or replacement. As a business owner, you can implement different strategies to safeguard your equipment. These strategies include:

  • Use power surge protectors to protect expensive equipment.
  • Use Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and automatic data backup systems to prevent loss of vital business information.
  • Turn off the power switches.

2. Prepare Your Employees

In addition to preparing your business amenities, you should also ensure that your employees are ready for bad weather. You can arm them with the right resources and give them tips on how to remain safe. Having an emergency plan and pre-determined communication channels will ensure your business operations run uninterrupted.

3. Installing Emergency Lighting

Light is a fundamental necessity for your business. Business owners tend to overlook the importance of having enough lights during a power outage. Proper lighting increases productivity and also prevents mix-ups. You'll need an emergency lighting system installed in all parts of your business building, including exit routes.

4. Invest in a Backup Generator

A smart business owner will buy a generator to keep their critical equipment running in case of a power outage. These include refrigerators, heaters, and other crucial electronic systems. Having the right backup generator for your business helps to lessen the damaging effect caused by a blackout.

How Critter Guard Can Help

As much as business owners equip their businesses with tools to handle power loss, preventing power outages should also be a top priority.

At Critter Guard, our wildlife control solutions can help safeguard your building from animal-related power outages by blocking rodents' access to important electrical equipment. To learn more about our products and how they can help prevent power outages at your business, contact us today!