How to Stop Squirrels from Getting On Your Roof

Squirrels are expert climbers and they can easily find ways of getting on your roof via trees and power lines. Once on your roof, squirrels can cause significant amounts of damage, oftentimes leading to costly repairs. Fortunately, our squirrels stoppers at Critter Guard can help.

The Problem with Squirrels On Your Roof

Once a squirrel has gained access to your roof, it can cause a multitude of problems. A few of these problems include:

  • Squirrels can chew through your roof and enter your attic. Squirrels' teeth continuously grow, and they trim their teeth by chewing things such as wood, wires, and other hard materials.
  • Squirrels can easily chew through solar panel wires or wires in your attic, increasing your risk of power outages and costly repairs.
  • Once in your attic, squirrels can cause significant amounts of damage to your home’s insulation, which can lead to higher utility bills.
  • Squirrels love to nest in warm places such as your attic and will sometimes have their offspring in your attic if left alone long enough. Multiple squirrels in your attic can lead to larger amounts of damage and more noise.

How to Keep Squirrels Off of Your Roof

Stopping the squirrels is done by blocking their path to your roof. The path can be a tree, utility pole, or power line. A few tips to help prevent squirrels from accessing your roof include:

Trimming Trees

Overhanging trees over your house provide suitable paths for these expert climbers. Trim the trees around your home so that there no branches close to your roof.

Covering the Wires with PVC Pipes

For this, you should get a PVC pipe and saw them lengthwise. Separate the pipe and put it over the wire (consult an electrician before dealing with electrical wires). When the squirrel tries to use the path, the pipe will spin, and the squirrel will fall off.

Installing Critter Guard's Squirrel Stoppers

At Critter Guard, we provide Line Guards and Pole Guards to protect your roof, wires, and solar panels from squirrels and other critters. Our humane squirrel stoppers are designed to prevent squirrels’ access to your roof via trees, power lines, and utility poles.

At Critter Guard, our target is to ensure that we humanely deter squirrels from getting on your roof. To learn more about our products and how they can help prevent costly repairs and power outages in your area, contact us today!