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squirrels climbing unprotected tree to access roof of home

Keep Squirrels Out of Your Attic with Critter Guard

When squirrels go searching for a new home, they look for locations that protect them from predators and the elements. What could be better than yo...
squirrel away from house

3 Pest Control Products for Homeowners

The summer and fall seasons bring about an onslaught of pests. From wasps and other bugs that swarm the air while the weather is still warm to rode...
squirrel gaining roof access

How Critter Guard Can Protect Your Home from Mischievous Squirrels

If left unchecked, squirrels can cause considerable damage to your home. Chewing through wiring and burrowing into insulation, their shenanigans ca...
power lines protected by critter guard

Protect Substations from Meddling Critters

Power substations are a key part of distributing power to people all across the world. Substations transfer power from different sources to its des...
solar panels on home

3 Sustainable Energy Solutions for Your Home

With the increasing threat of climate change, it is important to invest in sustainable energy solutions for your home. Not only will this help make...
newly installed attic insulation

The Importance of Protecting Your Home's Insulation

Home insulation helps to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. In order to reap the numerous benefits of home insulation, you must insulate it pr...
person using smartphone during power outage for emergency

3 Things to Avoid During a Power Outage

Power outages are no fun and, unfortunately, there's no way around them. A short outage may just be a minor frustration but having to spend hours o...
squirrel on fence post

Top 3 Rodent Control Products

A rodent infestation in your home can not only cause an unexpected scare, they can also cause extensive damage. Most insurance companies do not cov...
generator when power loss

Is a Generator Worth the Cost?

If your area experiences frequent power outages, you may be trying to decide if a generator would be beneficial for your home. If you’re thinking a...
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squirrel on fence

5 Common Causes of Power Outages

Power outages occur fairly often, but that doesn't make them any less frustrating. There are many different reasons for a power outage occurrence. ...
fiber optic tech

The Evolution of Fiber Optic Tech

Fiber cable is a network communication cable that is made up of strands of glass fiber inside an insulating casing, which is designed for long dist...
unplugged power cord during power outage

3 Tips for Protecting Your Technology During a Power Outage

A power outage can be harmful to the technology and appliances located in your home. Though the lack of power does not damage electronic devices, t...