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Critter Guard for Homeowners

The Line Guard is designed to be installed on above-ground, overhead power lines and/or cabling by qualified contractors of power,
telephone or cable companies. For homeowner’s safety and protection installation should be conducted by qualified electrical workers.
The Line Guard is an injection-molded, polypropylene, light-weight, gray material with high-quality ultra violet protection.
It is five feet in length when fully assembled.

Pest Prevention Products For Homeowners

Many homeowners are unaware that most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by squirrels, possums, roof rats or other pests. If these pests are accessing your roof and attic via above-ground cables, they can cause serious and very expensive damage – stop them now with Critter Guard! Squirrels and rodents are one of the most common causes of power outages in North America. The squirrels can cause these outages by damaging the electric power lines themselves, or the transformers and equipment located on the pole. Additionally, depending on your location, squirrels and other rodents can gain access to your home quickly from electric power lines and can cause roof, attic, and more unexpected damage to your home.

With the above in mind, we created Pole Guard and Line Guard to deter squirrels from entering your home or attic. Our products block the path that critters use to access your home, without affecting the overhead lines themselves. There are no traps, chemicals, or danger to the animals. They simply get frustrated they can’t pass the Line Guard or Pole Guard device, and move on.

Because Line Guard and Pole Guard have been adopted as a standard product for some of the largest and most respected utilities in the USA (such as American Electric Power, Duke Power, and others), the product is safe for your overhead service lines at your home as well.

Line Guard for Homeowners

The Line Guard is a set of outdoor-rated plastic components that are placed on the electric power line. It has five rollers and two jump-barriers that rotate independently about the line when a critter comes in contact, deterring squirrels and other critters from gaining access to the roof or attic from the electric power line.

The Line Guard is designed to be installed on overhead power lines and/or cabling by qualified contractors of power, telephone or cable companies. For the homeowner’s safety and protection, we recommend installation by qualified utility contractors or similar tradesmen.

The Line Guard is made in the USA of injection-molded, polypropylene, gray in color, with high-quality ultraviolet protection, and is five feet in length when fully assembled.

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Pole Guard for Homeowners

The Pole Guard is a circular plate fitted with 7 rollers around the perimeter. It is made of specially formulated resin designed exclusively for extreme outdoor applications. This circular plate can be mounted onto a pole or tree and act as an effective deterrent against squirrels or critters that would climb the pole to gain access to overhead lines entering your roof or attic from the ground level.

With the combination of the Pole Guard and Line Guard, your home has effective squirrel deterrents from both the air and ground.

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Serving Homes Internationally

Animal-related power outages and/or damage to homes and other private buildings are not unique to the USA. At Critter Guard, we are aware that many different critters across the world that can access and cause harm to electric power lines, transformers, and homes. Animals such as squirrels, roof rats, snakes, sloths, monkeys, and many others can easily access sensitive equipment and cause widespread outages if the lines and poles are unprotected.

With the Pole Guard and Line Guard, we’ve shown results in deterring a wide range of animals in both domestic and international markets. We work with several international sales agencies to handle international inquiries and shipments, so contact us or fill out the form below if you are curious about how the Pole Guard and Line Guard can help your area today.

Homeowner Testimonials:

Installed Line Guard illustrating Homeowner Kathy Henson of Little Rock, Arkansas's testimonial

"We are 110% pleased with our Line Guard. After finding out our homeowners insurance would not cover squirrel damage, I was determined to find a way to keep these squirrels off my above ground service lines. That is when I found out about CRITTER GUARD . contacted my power company, Entergy, and had them install a Line Guard to keep the squirrels off my roof. I personally witnessed two different times when a squirrel tried to get over the barrier. Needless to say both were unsuccessful and it proved quite entertaining as well. I would strongly recommend this product to any homeowner with this troublesome problem."

- Kathy Henson Homeowner Little Rock, Arkansas
Line Guard installed in wooded area

"I am writing to let you know that your Critter Guard product works not only with squirrels but also with rats. As I explained on the telephone my home had a big problem with rats entering the house via the power line drop. I installed your guard one week ago, on the first night I observed 2 rats coming down the line, when they came within a foot of the guard they stopped, looked at it and retreated up the line and we have been rat free ever since. So please feel free to use my name on any of your future promotions as I am a satisfied customer."

- W.T. FOLEY Homeowner Miami, Florida

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