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An Unexpected Source of Home and Roof Damage

With their bushy tails and cute, furry faces, you may not think of squirrels as annoying pests. Unfortunately, when it comes to your roof, squirrel...
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Remember Carbon Monoxide Safety When Using Generators During Power Outages

Portable backup generators are a great way to access power in the event of an outage, like when squirrels and rodents damage essential electrical e...
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Preventing Lyme Disease from Rodent Carriers in Your Home

Did you know that Lyme disease may be hiding in your home on the backs of squirrels, mice, and rodents? Ticks that carry this debilitating and comp...
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Dangerous Diseases from Squirrels in the Home

Most people do not encourage squirrels to nest or live in their home, and for good reason. Squirrels are wild animals that thrive in the wilderness...
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Don't Bring Squirrels Indoors as Pets

It can be hard not to smile when watching squirrels chase each other around the yard or park. It can be fun to enjoy their frenetic energy, followi...
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