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Protect Against Power Surges in Blackouts

surge protector on table with 5 devices plugged into sockets

It's usually a relief when power returns after a blackout, but for some people, the moment the power comes back on can also a moment they'll never forget. When current is restored, it can surge through the line and short out appliances and equipment that are still plugged in. You can protect your electrical devices with a surge protector in these situations. In addition, you can reduce the chances of power outages and damage to electrical lines from meddling rodents to prevent outages initially.

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Hazardous Signs Your Generator Needs Repair

yellow portable electricity generator on ground

Homeowners install home generators for a variety of reasons. Often, they want protection for critical appliances to continue running when their power goes out, like during a storm or when squirrels and critters have damaged electrical equipment. For example, a generator ensures sump pumps work, avoiding flood damage. Moreover, just keeping the lights on will keep everyone calm and provide peace of mind. However, all this requires your generator to be in working order at all times, so it's ready when you least expect and need it, in case an unprotected electrical wire goes down. You need to routinely check and maintain your generator, in case it needs repair.

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Blackouts Can Affect Your Water Supply Too

water pouring into glass cup on wet countertop in blue light

When the Power Fails

Blackouts are an unpredictable and unfortunate event in modern existence. Whether it lasts for three minutes or three days, a power outage is a great inconvenience at the very least, if not a major ordeal. Many failures are completely preventable though. That's why Critter Guard is committed to stopping these events before they even occur by preventing the surprisingly-more-frequent failures due to squirrels, rodents, and other critters from damaging electric lines and utility poles.

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Standing Up to the Elements

one wooden utility pole overlooking city lights at night with incoming storms and lightning

Whether you notice them or not, utility poles are an omnipresent feature in the backdrop of our modern world. Though some say they can be an eyesore on the landscape, it's hard to deny that they play an extremely valuable role in the fabric of our lives. When the power goes down, it becomes crystal clear just how important utility poles really are.

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Fun Activities to Do During a Blackout

hand in darkness playing the white queen in a game of chess

Today’s activities often revolve around TV, computer, and other electronic use, but when there’s a power outage due to squirrel-related utility damage, there are plenty of other leisure activities to do to pass time. Our cell phones may last a short while, but eventually, the house or office becomes silent and dark. Critter Guard can help prevent power outages by blocking critters' access and damage to utility poles and lines, a common cause of power interruptions. But if you've been hit by a power outage (that is, hopefully you're reading this before it hits, and you have unfortunately not yet protected yourself from the dark downtime), consider some of these activities to help you keep your sanity while you await power restoration.

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